NOTE: We are now redoing our official support channels. For the latest information please refer to the new Getting Support Guide on our official Bevry Discussion Forum

General Support via StackOverflow

StackOverflow is a community of passionate programmers dedicated to solving problems for each other for any type of programming questions. As you post questions and answers you’ll earn reputation which gives you more abilities on the site. Be aware that StackOverflow is a community for anything programming, and not just for DocPad so be sure to use the docpad tag when asking your question. If you’re new to Stack Overflow, read their FAQ first.

Ask your question. Be sure to use the docpad tag.

Find existing questions and answers.

Bug Reports via GitHub's Issue Tracker

For bug reports relating to the core, use DocPad's GitHub Issue Tracker

For bug reports relating to plugins, use the Plugin's GitHub Issue Tracker. You can find it by going to the Plugin's Homepage, then looking for the "Issues" button.

With your bug reports, specify:

  • Your DocPad version docpad --version
  • Your Node.js version node --version
  • Your npm version npm --version
  • Your operating system's name, architecture, and version
  • What you did
  • What happened
  • What you expected
  • The skeleton that was affected (if applicable)
  • The docpad-debug.log file when you run DocPad in debug mode by specifying the -d flag (e.g., docpad run -d)

Post your bug report.

Find existing bug reports and development tasks.

Documentation Issues

For documentation suggestions, issues, and pull requests use DocPad's Documentation GitHub Issue Tracker

Chat Room via IRC

DocPad operates a the #docpad channel on the freenode IRC server. It is a place where you can talk in realtime to other people all about DocPad and try and get support.

Join the IRC chat room.

Don't have an IRC Client? Join the web chat room instead.

Read the chat room guidelines.

Read the chat room logs.

There is also a Gitter chat room too.

Support & Consulting Partners

DocPad has several partners whom provide consulting and support services for DocPad.

  • Bevry. Tier 3 Support/Advisory.

    Bevry are the creators of DocPad and are available for advisory, training, sponsorship, and prioritized development.

  • Myplanet Digital. Enterprise Clients.

    Myplanet is a digital product development company based out of Toronto, Canada. They funded the development of DocPad’s importer functionality.

    They value building the right product, fast. Working with their clients, Myplanet Digital brings startup thinking to enterprise. For more information, check out or email

  • Almero. Medium to Corporate Sized Clients.

    Almero is a digital marketing agency based in Bulgaria, specializing in providing services that seamlessly incorporate market analysis, user insights, strategic and tactical brand development, graphic design, web design, advertising and video production.

    Almero has experience building corporate sites with DocPad, and use DocPad almost exclusively for their web projects.

  • DockYard. Small to Corporate Sized Clients.

    We are designers, software engineers, and storytellers, creating beautiful products and building brands.

    Based out of Boston, MA & Washington, DC, we build web & mobile-web applications using Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, and Ember.js. We provide services and support for many tech solutions, including our favorite static website generator: DocPad.

  • MDM. Small to Medium Sized Clients.

    MDM is a US-based web design & development company specializing in Node.js websites, web apps, mobile apps, and training.

    We offer DocPad training, too!

IRC Chat