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Websites built with DocPad. Alphabetically sorted.

  • 24b - A gallery, a design studio in Paris
  • Acherno Interior Design - Corporate web site of the biggest interior design studio in Bulgaria
  • AlloyUI - source - AlloyUI is a UI framework built on top of YUI3 that provides a simple API for building high scalable applications
  • Ameda Indonesia - A distributor site of Ameda breastfeeding & breastpump in Indonesia.
  • Andrew Goodricke: Javascript Developer - UK based Freelance JavaScript Web Application Developer with blog.
  • Artem Sapegin - source - Blog of Russian front-end developer: JavaScript, Stylus, Grunt.js, etc.
  • Beer Advent - source - A social website dedicated to 2011's best beers
  • Bevry - Creators of DocPad / Sydney based Node.js, JavaScript and HTML5 company focused on empowering developers.
  • Ben Dellare - source - Coder, maker, hacker, infrequent blogger.
  • Benjamin Lupton - source - Founder of Bevry. Liberating and empowering the world by making your dreams more accessible.
  • Black Market - Bulgarian fashion company
  • Boundstar - Website for a public Starbound game server.
  • chrisbuchholz.me - source - Personal website of chrisbuchholz
  • CoApp - source - CoApp is an open-source package management system for Windows
  • Cumulocity - Internet of Things platform
  • DataTables Taglib - source - Website of DataTables-taglib, a JSP taglib that allows to quickly create DataTables in Java/JEE based web application
  • DeLingua - Slovenian translation company
  • DocPad's Kitchensink - source - A showcase of everything DocPad can do
  • DocPad's Website - source - The DocPad Website
  • DogFeet - source - Korean: A development blog
  • Dorajistyle STATIC - Docpad generated Blog from Google Blogger articles.
  • Doug Neiner's Code Website - source - Husband to one, father to three, jQuery Team Member, Senior Designer at appendTo
  • Emmet.io's Website - source - Emmet (previously known as Zen Coding) is a web-developer’s toolkit that can greatly improve your HTML & CSS workflow
  • Ferrari!=Ferrari - source - Chinese: A development blog
  • FizzVR - source - Coder (Github), Gamer (Steam), Hardcore (SoundCloud)
  • Florian's Blog - source - French: Technical blog on Java and technologies around the JVM
  • FooUnit - Test your JavaScript everywhere!
  • Game-Icons - Heaps of free SVG icons
  • GeorgeOsd - Hi there, my name is Takeharu.Oshida(GeorgeOsd) welcome to my online portfolio
  • Gwen Bell - source - Gwen Bell deploys apps, writes about technology and thinks DocPad is the cat's pyjamas.
  • HTML UI - Website all about frontend development
  • Imaginatr - Imaginatr is a creative independent studio focused on the development of mobile applications and innovative software
  • Invisible Weight - The Eating Disorder documentary
  • Javascript Quiz - Regular interactive JavaScript questions to explore the fun world of JavaScript and keep you on your toes
  • Jose Quesada - source - Homepage of Jose Quesada, a specialist with e-commerce database marketing
  • Komodo IDE - source - Official website for Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit.
  • Kyle Pool - source - I'm in practice-mode: working hard for a successful life that improves the world.
  • Leigh Howells - Home planet, blog and portfolio of Designer, tunesmith and UX Consultant, Cambridge, UK. With added aliens.
  • The Mason Jar - source - Hipster cocktails with a back-end powered by GitHub and DocPad.
  • MeltMedia - An enterprise level web application development firm and interactive design agency based in Tempe, Arizona
  • Mimijumi Indonesia - A distributor site of Mimijumi in Indonesia.
  • Morgan Sutherland - tangible media and installation art portfolio
  • Open Device Lab Hamburg - Open Device Lab Hamburg. Come and test your Websites on a wide range of devices for free!
  • pimatic - smart home automation for the raspberry pi
  • Record Famous - source - Vikram's homepage with some Skrollr
  • Remy Bach - I'm a Christian, husband and father, front-end dev, gamer, and all around tech nerd!
  • Rio.js - source - Portuguese: Rio de Janeiro's JavaScript User Group
  • Rob Rawkes - Rawkes is the home of Rob Hawkes, part-time Rawket Scientist and full-time geek. Join him as he explores the outer-reaches of programming, digital media, games, and everything in-between.
  • RunGRE - RunGRE is the first memory flashcard system designed to be used while exercising. Study the 500 most important GRE words while you move. Join us as we wage a war on sitting! Site built on Docpad :)
  • ShareLaTeX.com Blog - Used to generate static pages for the blog
  • takitapart. - akitapart. - pronounced "take-it-apart" - is the blog of Bob VanderClay, web application developer, founding partner at high90, and all around nerd
  • The Open Document Format - The official website of the OpenOffice ODF file format
  • Tinacious Design – Web design and Development portfolio for Toronto-based Front-end Developer in Toronto, Canada
  • Tomohisa Oda - Japanese: Web engineer and designer from Japan
  • Topcoat.io - CSS for clean and fast web apps by Adobe
  • The Open Document Format's Plugfest - The ODF plugfests are an ongoing series of vendor-neutral events, bringing together implementers and stakeholders of the standard
  • uberFrak - French: Silly uchronias and fake stories
  • Vicktor Ilieff - Viktor Ilieff is an artist, conductor, composer and visionary. His art rests on the principle that the aesthetics of the means of expression should align with the times we live in.
  • v1rtual - English & German: Blog about hacking, electronics, turtels and stuff
  • Workshop 33 - Hand-crafted websites, made in Sonoma County since 1999
  • Notes From Heck - Personal website and blog of Aditya Mukhopadhyay, built on the bootstrap skeleton.


Applications built with DocPad. Alphabetically sorted.

  • Js2Coffee - A JavaScript to CoffeeScript compiler
  • jQuery ScrollTo - Smooth Scrolling to any jQuery/DOM Element. Uses DocPad to compile, watch, and deploy the project.
  • jQuery Slide Scroll Panel - Slide panels in by touch and scrolling
  • Node Chat - Node chat application, built with Socket.io, DocPad, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, written in CoffeeKup and CoffeeScript
  • Query Engine - Query Engine adds support for advanced querying to Backbone.js. Uses DocPad to compile, watch, and test our project automatically
  • Semantic UI - source - CSS Framework. Uses DocPad to compile the entire website and framework together.
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