These skeletons are currently available to you as part of the DocPad bootstrap process:

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var exchangeUrl = ""
var exchangeData =

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These skeletons are currently under construction:

  • Syte branch: master - A simple pre-made personal website with blogging and social integrations.


These skeletons are for older versions of DocPad:

  • Deckpad branch: master - Build rich HTML5 presentations with DocPad
  • Node Chat branch: master - A local chat application built with DocPad, and Backbone.js


These are skeletons that have not yet been coded up, but have been requested. Please be sure to categorise them in their appropriate license, so we know that we are legally entitled to port them over to DocPad.

Public Domain

  • all implemented so far

MIT License

Creative Commons

Apache License

GPL Licensed

Unknown License

IRC Chat