These skeletons are currently available to you as part of the DocPad bootstrap process:

  • HTML5 Boilerplate - branch: docpad-6.x - HTML5 Boilerplate skeleton for DocPad. Bare essentials for building a modern website with best practices
  • HTML5 Boilerplate with Grunt - branch: master - The HTML5 Boilerplate skeleton with Grunt for concatenation and minification of assets
  • HTML5 Boilerplate with Jade and LESS - branch: master - A skeleton that uses the HTML5 boilerplate with Jade and LESS. Also includes jQuery and the livereload plugin.
  • Twitter Bootstrap - branch: docpad-6.x - Simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for popular user interface components and interactions
  • Twitter Bootstrap with Jade - branch: master - Twitter Bootstrap skeleton for DocPad developed using Jade (a HAML alternative for Node.js)
  • Twitter Bootstrap with Coffeekup - branch: master - Twitter Bootstrap skeleton for DocPad developed using Coffeekup (markup as coffeescript)
  • Kitchensink - branch: docpad-6.x - A DocPad Skeleton useful for showcasing different features and functionality of DocPad. Implemented using Twitter Bootstrap
  • Benjamin Lupton's Website - branch: master - Use Benjamin Lupton's website - - as the base for your own :)
  • DocPad's Website - branch: master - DocPad's Website
  • Bevry's Website - branch: master - Bevry's Website (the company behind DocPad)
  • Startup Hostel's Website - branch: master - Startup Hostel, the home in paradise for the doers of the world!
  • NodeChat - branch: master - Node Chat, built using, DocPad, Backbone.js and Twitter Bootstrap
  • SlidePad - branch: master - Create HTML5 Presentations easily with DocPad
  • Reveal.js - branch: master - Create Reveal.js presentations easily with DocPad
  • Conference Boilerplate - branch: master - A kickstart to create websites for conference/events
  • Zurb Foundation(SASS) - branch: master - A minimal Zurb Foundation skeleton with SASS and coffeescript
  • Meny - branch: master - Create a simple page utilizing the Meny 3D menu
  • YUI PureCSS - branch: master - YUI PureCSS skeleton for DocPad
  • Zurb Foundation - branch: master - A clean responsive template that contains a logical setup for a website + blog

Want to add yours? Add it to the listing here.


These skeletons are currently under construction:

  • Syte branch: master - A simple pre-made personal website with blogging and social integrations.


These skeletons are for older versions of DocPad:

  • Deckpad branch: master - Build rich HTML5 presentations with DocPad
  • Node Chat branch: master - A local chat application built with DocPad, and Backbone.js
  • Benjamin Lupton branch: docpad-5.x - preview - The personal website/blog of Benjamin Lupton, the creator of DocPad


These are skeletons that have not yet been coded up, but have been requested. Please be sure to categorise them in their appropriate license, so we know that we are legally entitled to port them over to DocPad.

Public Domain

  • all implemented so far

MIT License

Creative Commons

Apache License

GPL Licensed

Unknown License

IRC Chat